What’s unique about us

We open doors – in every phase of life. Through our diverse portfolio, we help children, young people and adults to make good headway on their educational journey, whether they are keen to study in Switzerland or abroad, looking to integrate into Swiss society and improve their opportunities on the job market or simply have an inquisitive mind and are eager to learn.

We offer worldwide prospects. More and more people are interested in the idea of studying and working abroad. At the same time, we are seeing an increase in the number of Swiss university degree programmes run in English and the use of English-language specialist literature. As a result, good language skills are becoming increasingly important, both in the business world and society as a whole. Our bilingual and international educational portfolio offers the perfect response to this trend. We ensure that our students leave us with a high level of English, a sound knowledge of their subjects and keen personal skills, meeting the needs of both universities and the international job market and preparing them for a successful future, in Switzerland or around the world.

We take an up-to-date, wide-ranging and passionate approach to teaching. Passing on knowledge and skills intelligently and with enthusiasm is a cornerstone of Academia. We cultivate a healthy school climate where every individual is supported, and we place our students at the heart of everything we do. We keep a keen eye on the latest developments in teaching and we deploy innovative teaching and learning methodologies, always ensuring that we introduce and evaluate these with due care. Tablets, learning management systems and online teaching are standard. We use them purposefully, where appropriate. We also provide training for language teachers (CELTA and internships).

We are flexible. We cater to the individual needs of our clients, whether through our class teaching or through specially tailored programmes. We aspire to carry on improving and seize opportunities where they arise. Our innovative capacity and imagination allow us to react quickly to changes in circumstances.

We are a local presence for our clients. Each school has its own individual character and local roots, ensuring we are well acquainted with local circumstances. Our passion for education, our warmth and our openness shape our activities and make for relaxed and successful learning.


How we define quality.
For us, quality means seeing our students enjoy their learning and achieve their goals.

How we assess quality.
The satisfaction of our clients is an important benchmark. We therefore ask them to rate us and our services on a regular basis. We also assess their educational progress and, by the same token, the quality of our teaching, and we conduct internal evaluations.

How we ensure top quality.
An individualised educational approach demands a high level of cooperation and consultation. We communicate actively and transparently and involve clients and parents. Through our service-oriented and positive approach, we deliver a productive learning culture.

How we verify quality.
Our schools are eduQua-certified or operate under the aegis of the cantonal education authorities. At primary and secondary school level, our German curriculum follows Lehrplan 21. The quality of our teaching in English and the internationally recognised qualifications our students earn are monitored and verified by the world’s two most widely known and renowned examination boards: Cambridge International Assessment Examinations and Pearson Edexcel.