Integration courses for children, young people and adults

The aim of our courses is to ensure that non-German-speaking children, young people and adults are able to integrate into Swiss society as quickly and smoothly as possible. The intensive German courses at Academia Integration provide them with the basic skills and familiarise them with Swiss culture. To ensure optimal integration, we work with referring agencies, school authorities, local communities and employers.

Getting ready for school and the world of work: at 12 locations throughout German-speaking Switzerland.

Academia Integration was set up in 2004 and specialises in the linguistic, educational, professional and cultural integration of children, young people and adults. In addition to language skills, we teach students about the local culture and way of life, establish basic skills, provide an introduction to the world of work and professional life, and offer a helping hand in tackling everyday situations.

This makes us unique:

  • Comprehensive understanding of integration
  • Easing burden on schools and communities without excessive red tape, students can join at any time
  • Focus on individual needs, experience with traumatised individuals