As a CELTA centre, we have the privilege of witnessing the transformative journey that trainees undertake during their English teacher training. The CELTA program is renowned for its rigorous curriculum and immersive teaching practice, and it never ceases to amaze how trainees overcome their initial nervousness to emerge as confident and skilled educators. In this post, I would like to share some insights into the experiences of trainees and how they acquire new skills, grow in confidence, and consolidate their knowledge throughout the course.

Nervous beginnings, thriving interactions

When trainees first arrive at our CELTA centre, it is not uncommon to sense a palpable apprehension among them. The prospect of standing in front of a classroom full of unknown learners can be intimidating. However, as they begin their teaching practice sessions, something magical happens: Trainees discover the joy of engaging with students, witnessing their progress, and building meaningful connections. The initial trepidation transforms into a genuine enthusiasm for teaching.

Learning and growth

The CELTA course provides trainees with a comprehensive toolkit of teaching techniques and strategies. Trainees try out various methodologies and hone their lesson planning skills with the support of tutors. Through observing experienced teachers and receiving constructive feedback and engaging in reflective practice with their peers, trainees continually refine their teaching approaches and polish their classroom management techniques. The development in their teaching abilities is evident as they become more adept at conveying complex concepts both effectively and simply.

Embracing the online classroom

Our mixed-mode CELTA combines in-person with teaching online. This means that trainees also dive into the virtual realm – and need to acquire the necessary skills to teach online. Trainees can experiment with a range of digital resources and interactive games. Leveraging technology enables them to create engaging and interactive learning experiences. These new skills ensure that trainees are best equipped to face the challenges of the current working environment.

This course prepares trainees for both face-to-face and online teaching. Although the course is highly intensive, the tutors were always there to provide guidance and support. The tutors have a wealth of knowledge and expertise that really helped me understand the principles, methodology, and terminology of teaching. I highly recommend it.” Joy G., participant 2023

Navigating assignment deadlines

While trainees make remarkable progress during the course, they are also faced with the challenge of meeting deadlines. Writing assignments to a deadline can often feel stressful, but they serve a crucial purpose in consolidating the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the course. Assignments require trainees to delve deeper into theoretical aspects of language teaching and critically analyze their own teaching. Though demanding, these assignments foster a deeper understanding of the principles and methodologies that underpin effective teaching.

An intensive time, but worth it at the end.” Timi S., participant 2023

As a CELTA course provider, it is immensely rewarding to witness trainees’ transformation into skilled and passionate English teachers. The CELTA course equips them with the necessary tools and techniques, and the experiences they gain throughout the training become the solid foundation for their future teaching careers. The impact of the CELTA course extends far beyond the classroom, empowering trainees to inspire and shape the lives of English language learners around the world.

On the CELTA course at Academia you will be challenged, you will need to work hard. Be prepared to learn about yourself as well as teaching. But most of all know you are in extremely safe hands on this journey.”  Claire A., participant 2023


Antoinette Breutel, Director Pedagogy, Academia Languages

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